Manufacturing MicroLouvre™ Solar Screens

MicroLouvre™ Solar Screen assembly is simple yet precise. The light weight construction is robust and designed to last for decades to come.

All MicroLouvre™ mesh and extrusions are available in polyester powder coat tested to exceed the requirements of ISO 9227, ISO 6270 & ASTM G154 QUVB 313B bulbs test. All of our frames are 6063 T6 extruded aluminium exclusively designed for building MicroLouvre™ screen.

The corners of the frames have concealed internal reinforcing members inserted in such a manner as to secure all corners neatly and firmly together. Top and bottom frames are pre-bowed as required to reduce to a minimum the deflection due to screen tension.

The frames are designed to receive continuous vinyl strips in each side frame and a continuous stainless lacer wire in each horizontal frame, all correctly assembled to ensure screen tautness and to maintain the angle of the louvres.

All fasteners, anchors and hardware are stainless steel or anodised aluminium.

Standard MicroLouvre™ is gold coloured with an option of having it supplied in Matt Black, this makes it more effective for solar control; as black allows the mesh to absorb the heat gain and re-radiate it into the atmosphere. However MicroLouvre™ mesh and the extrusion can be produced in any colour to suit any application required.

We have a variety of manufacturing videos available at request to help you gain a better understanding of our manufacturing process.