Fire Protection - Bush Fire Screens

Designed to protect and mitigate damage and risk from Australian bushfires, our BAL-compliant screens are an investment into the safety of your property’s occupants.

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Why MicroLouvre®?

An exceptional range of sustainable green credentials and fire protection

100% recyclable

MicroLouvre® metal fabrics and frames are 100% recyclable and are proven to last over 60 years.

68% HVAC savings

Air conditioning usage can be reduced by more than 68% and equipment halved - When used as Solar Shading.

90% recycled

The metal fabrics are made from over 90% recycled scrap copper.

Made in Britain - Delivered Globally

Our fabrics are all made in the UK to reduce shipping emissions.

The Bushfire Threat

Australia suffered countless bushfires in 2019-20, where nearly 19 million hectares burnt and over 3,000 homes destroyed. Numerous regions have been affected over the years, including New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, meaning fire protection has never been more critical.

MicroLouvre® screens are the only whole window coverings that are A1/A2, BAL-40 and BAL-FZ regulation-compliant, blocking and minimising fire risks and controlling damage to residential properties, hotel buildings and hospitals. Our highly effective ember resistant mesh can be installed over doors windows, chimneys and more.

Why use MicroLouvre® as Bushfire Screens?

MicroLouvre® is completely recyclable and made from 90% recycled materials. Proven to last for over 60 years, and reducing air conditioning usage by 68%, this ember resistant mesh can deliver additional safety and enhance environmental measures. In areas particularly prone to bushfires, such as southern Australia, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, having bushfire screens in place can provide protection throughout the danger periods.  

MicroLouvre® screens provide multi-functional window coverings that adhere to BAL-40 and BAL-FZ regulations, protecting against ember attacks and burning windborne debris during active bushfires in Australia, as well as decreasing heat and direct exposure to flames.

Ember Attack and Heat Attenuation

Our screens not only protect life and property from flying bushfire embers and direct fire exposure, but they also mitigate and diminish heat successfully. The screens work by absorbing and dissipating heat via the angled bronzed louvres, achieving industry-leading 49.4% attenuation rate. The MicroLouvre® Screens deliver protection against flying ember attacks and intense heat, while the innovative thin louvres provide unrivalled open area vision.

What makes Smart Louvre screens BAL compliant?

As the BAL risk increases, the level of fire-resistant materials also rises to deliver ample protection.

• BAL-Low – no requirements in terms of materials used.
• BAL-12.5 – requires a metal frame and aluminium mesh. At this level, the risk of ember attack is considered to be low.
• BAL-19 – requires a metal frame and aluminium mesh. There is a risk of ember attack and burning debris ignited by windborne embers, as well as a higher risk of exposure to radiant heat. At this level, the risk is considered to be moderate.
• BAL-29 – requires glass below 400mm from the ground to be screened, a metal frame and at least aluminium mesh, if not stronger materials. There’s a higher risk of ember attack and burning debris, as well as an increased likelihood of a higher level of radiant heat. At this level, the risk is considered to be high.
• BAL-40 and higher – requires the opening and fixed portions of all glass to be screened and mesh to be stainless steel. These screens must be fixed to windows and doors with metal fixtures. There’s a much higher risk of ember attack and burning debris, as well as a likelihood of a high level of radiant heat and a high chance of direct exposure to flames. At this level, the risk is considered to be very high.
• BAL-FZ – This is the highest risk of ember attack and burning debris caused by windborne embers, as well as posing a far higher risk of exposure to extreme radiant heat and direct exposure to flames. The level of risk is considered to be extreme.

Smartlouvre provide high quality, innovative screens to protect Australian residents and buildings from the high risks of damage and injury caused by bushfires. Call today for further information about our products.

A1/A2 fire performance

MicroLouvre® KoolShade® is also A1/A2 fire rated, which is now a legal requirement for many residential buildings.


60+ years of maintenance free performance is proven by the Indianapolis City County Building, Peckham Police Station and many other installations worldwide.

Heat block and solar shading

MicroLouvre® Koolshade® blocks up to 100% solar heat gain and up to 100% solar glare.

Impressive solar control heat block


MicroLouvre® Koolshade® allows pure, natural daylight in, whilst still allowing you to easily open the windows so that the directional louvres create upward laminar air circulation - proven to combat viruses and stagnant air.

How it works

How does MicroLouvre® Koolshade® work?

MicroLouvre® screens utilise a micro fine louvred metal fabric measuring only 1.55m thick, which prevents flame penetration and burning debris attacks. With the louvres spaced 1.2mm apart, our screens provide fire protection up to BAL-FZ standards, along with the additional benefit of solar shading and fire protection for an entire window up to BAL-40.

The aircraft-grade aluminium framing has reinforced corners which secure the frame neatly. Top and bottom frames are pre-bowed to minimise deflection and screen tension, while all fasteners, anchors and hardware are produced from durable, corrosion-resistant materials for longevity. Our frames are designed to receive continuous anti-vibration wedges on either side to maintain the tautness of the screen and the integrity of the panel even when exposed to wind speeds of up to 100mph.

MicroLouvre® sample

Request a sample of MicroLouvre® and see the benefits for yourself

Credentials and certifications

Certified in efficiency and efficacy

When tested at Fraunhofer, results confirmed MicroLouvre® as the most comprehensive solution for Thermal and Visual Comfort in one system.

The Berkeley Lab included MicroLouvre® in a major research project for PG&E. With MicroLouvre®, daily cooling loads were reduced by 68% on sunny days when compared with dual pane, high performance solar control glass with an internal blind.

The IFC Group have confirmed MicroLouvre® to be A1/A2-s1,d0 : BS EN 13501 Fire Rating, making it one of very few passive and dynamic external sun and solar heat gain blocking systems compliant for use on high rise buildings.

Building Research Establishment (BRE) wind tunnel tested MicroLouvre® screens from different angles and proved it to be indestructible at winds exceeding 100mph/160 kph/46 metres per second.

Smartlouvre Technology Limited is an ISO: 9001 2015 Accredited Quality Management company.

MicroLouvre® has been extensively modelled using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in SimScale.

Test certifications

Download and read all our credentials and certifications from our resource centre.

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