AppearanceMicroLouvre™ has been successfully installed worldwide, updating and rejuvenating tired old buildings and façades. Drastically improving buildings appearance giving them a much more modern look, resulting in increased Rental Value!

MicroLouvre™ bridges the gap between the need for streamlined attractive buildings and efficient solar control. There is not any other product that allows you to effectively solve solar heat gain and glare issues while giving your building a uniformed professional appearance.

Old, time-expired windows and cladding can be quickly and easily transformed to not only have an impressive new appearance, but also allows you to comply with current regulations. MicroLouvre™ will also extend your building life dramatically, while increasing savings on Energy Costs!

MicroLouvre™  not only addresses the problems of both energy conservation and indoor comfort, but also improves a buildings appearance as well. The woven louvered fabric provides a uniform look to your buildings windows, this allows you to eliminate the cluttered look caused by individual drapes and blinds.Appearance

Installations of MicroLouvre™ are so versatile that it is well suited to new builds as well as retro-fit, offering an array of alternative fixings suitable for any application and building. 

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