Durable  & Weather Protectionweather2

Winds of over 100mph do not degrade or adversely affect MicroLouvre™ fabric, therefore making it an effective protective layer and a second skin for the weakest points of buildings e.g. the windows. MicroLouvre™ external solar  screens are light, durable and Hurricane proof! After recent tests at the Building Research Establishment in London, MicroLouvre was proven to withstand wind speeds of over 100mph with no damage.

Driving wind and rain is broken up and quelled as it passes through the durable MicroLouvre™ screen, thereby providing protective for the building. The force of and amount of water penetration is significantly reduced by MicroLouvre™, therefore paintwork, sealants and building finishes all have a prolonged lifespan.

MicroLouvre™ are woven bronze micro blades, they are just over 1mm in width, which is as thin as two human hairs, and just 0.18mm thick spaced 7-8 per cm. The micro blades are tilted at 30° to the horizontal and held in place by two bronze wires, knotted above and below each MicroLouvre™ wire.

This makes for a strong, resilient and reinforced layer of armour for your building, capable of withstanding wind speeds of over 100mph. Therefore, making MicroLouvre™ ideal for multi storey buildings and those in exposed locations. Most forms of other external solar shading namely, awnings or external venetian blinds, cannot be fitted in these high locations, or indeed those regularly exposed to windy conditions as they are not nearly as durable.


A benefit for high inaccessible installation is the screens are almost maintenance free, only requiring a hose down twice a year with cold water to keep it looking its best.

MicroLouvre™’s longevity, with 50 year old installations still intact and functioning in excellent condition, demonstrates its superiority over all other solar control methods; it is by far the most durable.

  • MicroLouvre™ will not rot, rust, or rattle.
  • MicroLouvre™ cannot be torn or blown to pieces by the wind.
  • MicroLouvre™ is fire-Proof. Sparks and casual cigarettes cannot impair it.
  • MicroLouvre™ is easy to put up, take down, and store; it requires no mechanical parts that could potentially go wrong.
  • MicroLouvre™ will not fade or fray so it never requires repainting or re-finishing.
  • MicroLouvre™ gives you double economy and where it is used no insect screens are needed.