Exterior Privacy

MicroLouvre™ screens are uniquely designed to protect buildings from the effects of the sun, as well as protecting you from unwanted visual intrusion, however, whilst achieving these two prerequisites,  it does not block out the view, making it a very unique product indeed.

The angle of the MicroLouvre™ blades prevents anyone from looking in at normal eye level, to see inside you would have to awkwardly go up to the window and attempt to angle yourself to see within; this essentially provides complete exterior privacy from the outside world.

This improves not only the external appearance of the building, but also improves the comfort of its residence, giving them the freedom to move about inside without the worry of onlookers, allowing you to remain focused
with complete exterior privacy.

Interior Vision

The louvres are so fine that they allow almost uninterrupted vision out, whilst stopping all direct sunlight from entering, at almost all sun angles.

Transparent from inside the structure, MicroLouvre™ allows un-paralleled outward visibility whilst reducing inside temperatures and excessive brightness.

MicroLouvre™  is a fine, louvered architectural fabric that blocks direct sunlight but allows soft, filtered light to pass through, providing your building with natural light.

Lack of natural light and a view of the outside world, often results in “sick buildings syndrome” in the modern, air-conditioned offices with fluorescent lighting, high-tech building materials and high-tech equipment Medical experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the effect that this environment is having on employees. By installing MicroLouvre™ screens these concerns disappear allowing you to maintain a healthy working environment, improving employee comfort and productivity.