Security With MicroLouvre™ security

MicroLouvre™ provides a stout defence against window damage and a means to combat destructive violence. Its use as a protective screen, mounted in front of vulnerable window areas, is now widely accepted.

In these troubled times security is becoming an increasingly important feature for windows. MicroLouvre™ has been tested with water-filled bottles weighing 1 ¾ lb and stones weighing 2 ½ lb being thrown from distances of between 10 and 25 feet.

Even after 16 throws the projectiles did not penetrate the screen. In fact the objects were repelled an average of nine feet.

Strong & Tough! MicroLouvre™ protective screen units are installed onsecurity the outside of the building in front of, but away from, the window glass. They consist of tiny, fixed horizontal metal louvers of rugged, woven-construction, framed under tension into heavy extruded aluminium rails.

Resist Impact! When an object is thrown against MicroLouvre™ it does not penetrate, rather the screen “gives” slightly to absorb the force of the objects energy. It then “springs back” thus repelling the object away from the window.

Window glass becomes less noticeable! MicroLouvre™ obscures the shining from glass-windows, hence making them less of a target to vandals.

Normal Appearance! MicroLouvre™ does not give a “protective” appearance on the exterior of the building, or a “barricaded” feeling when viewed from the interior. It permits clear outward visibility at normal angles of vision.

Security! MicroLouvre™ not only protects against window damage but is a precaution against dangers of arson, vandalism and personal injury.