The MicroLouvre™ solution is simple and very effective: stop the sun ever reaching the window in the first place!

There are well established cures for heat gain, some more successful than others; but any internal shading is like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

If the sun never reaches the glass, the window cannot let the heat straight through into the building and collect like a radiator e.g. the greenhouse effect; so the building will stay cool.sun

  • MicroLouvre™ screens provide 100% shade to windows at a sun altitude angle of 50°or greater when the screens are installed in close proximity to and outside the window and in a vertical plane.
  • 96% solar radiation absorption.
  • 100% reduction of solar heat gain.

MicroLouvre™ provides a minimum of 32% shading at any time of day even with the lowest possible sun angles. As the sun’s angle increases so does the shading until, from as low as 50⁰, MicroLouvre™ blocks 100% of the harmful effects of the sun.

MicroLouvre™ has special black polyester coating, that absorbs the sun’s energy like a sponge, killing almost all of the sun’s rays both directly and when re-reflected. MicroLouvre™ works like a heat sink for the building, absorbing and dissipating heat away from the façade.

For centuries shade has served man as a protection against the effects of the suns hot rays. Today, not only does shade improve comfort for building occupants, but it also conserves energy which is ever increasingly expensive. 

So whilst a simple concept, MicroLouvre™ screens are a very sophisticated answer to the increasing problems of solar shading, glare and heat gain.