Clear Double Glazing

Clear double glazing has been the standard glazing type for many years, only recently being changed to Low-E as the standard. MicroLouvre is the perfect solution when total window replacement is not in the budget. 
The charts below show the difference that Microlouvre can make when used in combination with clear double glazing. 


 Summer Solar Heat Gain of Clear Double Glazing


 Solar Heat Gain of Clear Double Glazing with MicroLouvre*


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gv = 0.76: Solar factor of standard glazing (B), clear glass 4/16/4 double glazing filled with Argon (U value = 2.9 W/m²K)

Comfort classification according to EN 14501 standard:

          0= very little effect  1= little effect  2= moderate effect  3= good effect  4= very good effect

*based on European Standards EN 14501, EN14500 and EN52022. Calculated combination results based on Fraunhofer ISE Report EEB3-HRW-1812-E18