Every product claims it is unique why is yours any different?

Simple. We have the only weaving machines in the world making the product here in Britain.

There must be similar products on the market.

No. There many generic textile sun and fly screens which may claim to have the same performance but cant offer the 80% clear opening which is essential for vision out and natural ventilation.

Surely it’s better to be able to retract the system.

MicroLouvre gives perfect outward vision and high light levels. Also office lights are always turned on anyway as lighting levels always have to be balanced. MicroLouvre will just stay in place and occupants don’t even notice it’s there.

But can it be moved if I want?

Of course, MicroLouvre can open and close or slide horizontally or vertically, just like any window.

Does it really give 100% shade and over 90% solar heat gain protection?

It certainly does. In the summer when you need the protection most this is exactly how MicroLouvre works. In the winter the benefits change so that the lower sun angles allowed to pass provide valuable heat and light.

We sometimes get terribly high winds, will that be a problem.

Not for MicroLouvre - MicroLouvre has been tested to wind speeds in excess of 160kmh/100 mph.

We get bad insect problems not just during the day but also at dusk and at night will MicroLouvre stop this?

MicroLouvre stops most insects as the maximum gap is 1.17mm/0.05”.

Can MicroLouvre be installed internally?

Yes it can be. However, if excessive solar heat gain is the problem then it is strongly recommended to be fitted externally. Stop the sun from getting to the glass in the first place.

Will MicroLouvre still work on a pitched roof?

Yes it will. This system still performs on a pitched roof to reduce both heat and glare acting like a sun sponge in absorbing the suns radiation. Considerations need to be made for the screen orientation to maximise the peak performance.

Can MicroLouvre be rolled up or down?

Yes it can be. Although there is very little need to roll the system up or down due to its 80% open area, great balance in solar shading performance, high natural daylight transmittance and uninterrupted outward visibly.


What exactly is MicroLouvre?

It’s a woven fabric with an amazing 17 micro blades in every inch of fabric. Each blade is paper thin, only 0.054” wide and angled at 17⁰ and with an incredible 80% open area.

What colour is MicroLouvre?

For external use it’s normally black as lack limits re-reflected solar glare and heat, absorbing the heat gain to dissipate externally. Black also best replicates the appearance of glass in its neutral state.

Surely it’s better to be able to retract the system.

MicroLouvre gives perfect outward vision and high light levels. Also office lights are always turned on anyway as lighting levels always have to be balanced. MicroLouvre will just stay in place and occupants don’t even notice it’s there.

How is the screen product made?

Simply cut a frame from one of the three frame sections to suit the size. Cut a piece of the MicroLouvre metal fabric just smaller than the screen size, using scissors and/or a special cutting tool that we provide and using the stainless steel tensioning strip, assemble the screen. It only takes 30 minutes to make a 6’ x 8’ screen!

How do I install MicroLouvre?

It couldn’t be simpler, you have a range of possibilities, some of which require no drilling or screws: 1. Direct to glass or window frame (if suitable) with the famous 3M VHB products, no fixings, no screws. 2. In horizontal or vertical lift in/ lift out or sliding tracks, which can also use 3M VHB attachment systems. 3. With a range of simple, screw on hinges.

Do I need complicated support frames etc?

Absolutely not. A massive 6’ x 10’ screen weighs less than 30lbs.

If it’s so light surely it can’t be strong?

40 years on the 28 floor Indianapolis County Building in the USA proves its strength. The secret to this strength is the 80% open area offering negligible wind resistance. It has been laboratory tested (BRE) to hurricane winds above 100mph.

Can MicroLouvre be easily retro fitted?

Yes, due to its light weight nature and range of attachment methods, MicroLouvre can easily be retro fitted to any building type without the need of any structural engineering works.

How do you clean and maintain MicroLouvre screens?

MicroLouvre™ Screens are maintenance free as there are no mechanical parts to maintain. With regards to servicing when externally fitted, we recommend a simple pressure washer with fresh water no more than twice a year, or as and when required. The rain does a very good job at keeping the screens clean. Remarkably the screens actually have the effect of acting like a window skin removing the need for regular window cleaning.

How do you clean the glazing with MicroLouvre in front of it?

Glazing access is all dependent on the application design or preferred installation method, as in some instances the screens are mounted far enough away from the glazing to ensure cleaning access from below. However, normally the screens are opened on hinges or slide/lift out of the way depending on the fixing method if access to the glazing is required. This takes minimal effort.

Will MicroLouvre™ increase the need for lights to be turned on?

No, MicroLouvre™ is not the difference between the lights being on or off. This is a personal preference and in most cases internal lighting is always turned on regardless of the weather conditions.

Why would you use MicroLouvre™ when you can just use solar control glass?

Glass alone isn’t the answer when it comes to effectively reducing solar heat gain and overheating in buildings. There is a far greater solar heat gain reduction with MicroLouvre™ in combination with the glazing system, than just the glazing system alone. MicroLouvre™ increases the solar heat gain performance of any glazing system.

Would I need still MicroLouvre when I have internal blinds?

Yes. External and internal shading devices are two separate tools, external devices are primarily used to control solar heat gain to prevent the building and occupiers from overheating during the summer, while also reducing mechanical cooling loads/costs. Internal devices are used more so for low sun angle glare and high level privacy.

Isn’t this just a fly screen?

This system is far from any other fabric style screening and certainly no generic fly screen (as some think at a quick first glance), this is a woven metal fabric that weighs 0.102Kg ft² (0.23lb ft²) and has an 80% open area. When used as a window covering for solar shading allows perfect outward vision, natural ventilation and a high degree of natural day light whilst providing high performance solar shading from the high summer sun blocking up to 100% of the sun’s heat. This is very unique passive solar shading system.