The new England Building (Amendment) Regulation 2018 which came into force on December 21, 2018 for relevant buildings requires that any ‘specified attachment’ is A1 or A2-s1, d0. MicroLouvre™ is the only all in one, multi-function window covering system to meet these changes. 

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MicroLouvre FHA is a passive, easily installed and moveable whole window solar shading system made entirely from materials listed in the Annex of the Commission of the European Communities , Commission Decision of 26 September 2000 (2000/605/EC)  which states:

“MicroLouvre FHA Screens are therefore ideally suited for flats and apartment buildings, hospitals, halls of residence etc., where relevant buildings means ‘a building with a storey (not including roof-top plant areas or any storey consisting exclusively of plant rooms) at least 18 metres above ground level and which— (i) contains one or more dwellings; (ii) contains an institution; or (iii) contains a room for residential purposes (excluding any room in a hostel, hotel or boarding house); and (b) “above ground level” in relation to a storey means above ground level when measured from the lowest ground level adjoining the outside of a building to the top of the floor surface of the storey.”


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External Roller Blinds, External Venetian and Louvre Systems, even Intra-Glazing (interstitial) Blinds and Window Films cannot offer the essential A1/A2s-1,d0 Reaction to Fire performance like MicroLouvre,  as well as

*          Total Solar Heat Block (Fraunhofer ISE tested)

*          Perfect View Out

*          Perfect Quality Daylight (100% CRI)

*          Energy Saving (68% LBNL tested)

*          Outside Visual Contact-Highest Class 4

*          Thermal Comfort-Highest Class 4

*          Daylight Utilisation-Highest Class 4

*          Directional Privacy 100%

*          Environmental Comfort

*          Natural Ventilation 80% Clear Open Area

*          Maintenance Free

*          40 year LifeSpan

*          Hurricane Wind proof