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Fire Attenuation Screens and Shutters

MicroLouvre Koolshade® is A1/A2, BAL-40 and BAL-FZ regulation-compliant to block and reduce fire risk. Perfect for use as ember mesh, fire attenuation screens and bushfire shutters.

Why MicroLouvre Koolshade®?

An exceptional range of sustainable green credentials and fire protection

Made in Britain - Delivered Globally

Our fabrics are all made in the UK to reduce shipping emissions.

100% recyclable

MicroLouvre Koolshade® metal fabrics and frames are 100% recyclable and are proven to last over 60 years.

90% recycled

The metal fabrics are made from over 90% recycled scrap copper.

68% HVAC savings

Air conditioning usage can be reduced by more than 68% and equipment halved - When used as Solar Shading.

Fire Protection Screens and Ember Mesh using MicroLouvre Koolshade® are efficient and effective.

MicroLouvre Koolshade® fulfils two essential, life-saving fire protection functions, as well as the unbeatable solar control functions .

Fire Attenuation Screens

MicroLouvre Koolshade® Fire-Safe Screens (fire attenuation screens) are the only whole window covering to combine A1/A2 Fire Rating (legally required for all residential buildings such as apartments, hotels, and hospitals over 18 meters / 4 floors high).

UK Fire Regulations

Fires in high rise buildings are tragically becoming more commonplace, and England Building (Amendment) Regulation 2018 requires that any attachment to an external wall is A1 or A2-s1, d0.

MicroLouvre Koolshade® is the only all-in-one, multi-function window covering system to meet these changes.

MicroLouvre Koolshade® FHA Metal Fabric and MicroLouvre FHA Screens and fittings are made from EuroClass A1 (the fabric) and EuroClass A1/A2-s1,d0 : BS EN 13501 (the screens) components.

Wildfire and Bushfire Screens and Ember Mesh

MicroLouvre Koolshade® Wildfire Screens and Bushfire Screens and ember mesh protect life and property from flying burning ember attack whilst also providing the highest heat attenuation performance. Bushfires in Australia and Wildfires in the US cause huge amounts of damage and our screens can be very effective in mitigating this.

The specially angled, bronze louvres are the perfect solution for absorbing and dissipating heat, shown by the industry leading 49.4% attenuation achieved when tested by CSIRO. Whilst MicroLouvre Koolshade® Screens provide the highest performance for heat attenuation and burning flying ember attack, the unique paper-thin louvres provide twice the open area vision out compared to other Bush and Wildfire screens.

Bushfire Screens (BAL-40)

MicroLouvre Koolshade® Wildfire and Bushfire screens incorporate a micro fine louvred metal fabric that is only 1.55mm thick. The innovative angled louvre design prevents flame penetration from ember attacks and burning debris.

Testing was performed with industry leading results at the CSIRO. As the louvres are spaced 1.2mm apart, the MicroLouvre Koolshade® FHA bushfire system provides protection to AS3959 up to BAL-FZ, plus complete solar shading and fire protection of a whole window up to BAL-40.

Heat block and solar shading

Building Research Establishment (BRE) wind tunnel tested MicroLouvre Koolshade® screens from different angles and proved it to be indestructible at winds exceeding 100mph/160 kph/46 metres per second.

Uninterrupted vision out and balanced daylighting

Our Solar shading screens provide unobstructed views and access to natural light, improving the thermal, visual and environmental comfort of a building's occupants, proven to have real psychological and productivity benefits.


MicroLouvre Koolshade® allows pure, natural daylight in, whilst still allowing you to easily open the windows so that the directional louvres create upward laminar air circulation - proven to combat viruses and stagnant air.

Energy saving

MicroLouvre Koolshade® has been tested and proven to reduce air conditioning by up to 68%, saving energy costs and hugely reducing the need for air conditioning equipment.

A1/A2 fire performance

MicroLouvre KoolShade® is also A1/A2 fire rated, which is now a legal requirement for many residential buildings.

Hurricane proof

MicroLouvre Koolshade® is tried and tested in withstanding Hurricane Force 12 and Category 2 Hurricane winds.

Easily outperforms solar glass

With ordinary clear double glazing, MicroLouvre Koolshade® blocks solar heat better than any solar glass in the summer sun, with a 100% heat block (0.0 gtot), perfect daylight quality and clear outward vision for occupants.


60+ years of maintenance free performance is proven by the Indianapolis City County Building, Peckham Police Station and many other installations worldwide.

How it works

How does MicroLouvre Koolshade® work?

MicroLouvre Koolshade® invisibly neutralises solar heat gain and glare before they even reach the window. MicroLouvre Koolshade® uniquely works non-stop providing dynamic g-value (heat blocking) performance to continually dissipate the sun’s heat and energy into the atmosphere but not blocking vision out, natural daylight or natural ventilation; solar shading using our products is efficient and effective. When it comes to fire protection MicroLouvre Koolshade® uses the same angled louvres that work so well in preventing solar gain so prevent heat from fires. The metal mesh itself also protects from ember attack while not impairing external views.

Certified in efficiency and efficacy

Building Research Establishment (BRE) wind tunnel tested MicroLouvre Koolshade® screens from different angles and proved it to be indestructible at winds exceeding 100mph/160 kph/46 metres per second.

The Berkeley Lab included MicroLouvre Koolshade® in a major research project for PG&E. With MicroLouvre®, daily cooling loads were reduced by 68% on sunny days when compared with dual pane, high performance solar control glass with an internal blind.

The IFC Group have confirmed MicroLouvre Koolshade® to be A1/A2-s1,d0 : BS EN 13501 Fire Rating, making it one of very few passive and dynamic external sun and solar heat gain blocking systems compliant for use on high rise buildings.

When tested at Fraunhofer, results confirmed MicroLouvre Koolshade® as the most comprehensive solution for Thermal and Visual Comfort in one system.

Smartlouvre Technology Limited is an ISO: 9001 2015 Accredited Quality Management company.

MicroLouvre Koolshade® has been extensively modelled using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in SimScale.

Test certifications

Download and read all our credentials and certifications from our resource centre.

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