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Reduce solar gain in restaurants, hotels, pubs and more. Microlouvre® allows natural light and airflow while blocking solar gain by up to 100%. Making a much more comfortable setting and reducing air conditioning costs.

Microlouvre® is able to provide this without cutting off customers from the outside world. Microlouvre Koolshade® provides occupants with uninterrupted outward vision, allowing natural light to enter the building providing a much more natural environment.

Microlouvre® blocks up to 100% solar heat gain by absorbing and re-radiating the heat into the atmosphere, so although a natural environment is allowed with Microlouvre Koolshade® heat gain is prevented; stopping the building from becoming hot and stuffy for the occupants. The protection from heat gain results in a large reduction in cooling loads up to 68% which reduces energy costs considerably.

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Manufacturers of high quality sustainable louvred metal fabrics for multiple applications.

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