Modelling & Shapes                                                                                                 

Modelling & Shapes with MicroLouvre Fabric

The unique MicroLouvre™ material is easy to cut, contour, bend, fold or shape. Modelling

This makes it suitable and adaptable to a multitude of design ideas and purposes.

This fine MicroLouvre™  architectural fabric may be of interest to any engineer, modeller, sculptor and craft hobbyist, it can be provided in any shape, size or RAL colour to suit your needs.

MicroLouvre™ fabric was even used on the wings of the Tie Fighters from the blockbuster ‘Star Wars’; we still have the exact mesh provided for the film available for purchase!

We encourage the use of our product for modelling enthusiasts as it is  strong, reliable and multi-functional, with a wide variety of benefits including, but not limited to, light control.

Variety of Shapes & SizesModelling

The architectural fabric can be configured into many geometric shapes and sizes, which make it suitable for retro-fitting as well as for new buildings. The MicroLouvre™ fabric can be fixed into a variety of frame types to suit architectural requirements of most projects.

It can be cut and framed to virtually any shape desired as it is extremely flexible, sturdy and resilient.

A variety of paint finishes on both the mesh and frames can also then be applied to suit your needs.