MicroLouvre’s Privacy Shield is an almost invisible passive system which is A1/A2 Classification, complying with new Reaction to Fire EN13501 Building Regulations.

Overlooking can be a real problem in urban settings.

With MicroLouvre installed overlooking is eliminated.

The view out remains perfectly clear.


MicroLouvre Screening is quick and easy to install and zero 
maintenance with a 40 year lifespan and a 10 year warranty.


MicroLouvre™ has the best combination results for Thermal & Visual Comfort (essential for occupants’ productivity, well-being and health & safety) .

FHA Solar Shading

Improve Your Glazing

*          Total Solar Heat Block (Fraunhofer ISE tested)

*          Perfect View Out

*          Perfect Quality Daylight (100% CRI)

*          Energy Saving (68% LBNL tested)

*          Outside Visual Contact-Highest Class 4

*          Thermal Comfort-Highest Class 4

*          Daylight Utilisation-Highest Class 4

*          Directional Privacy 100%

*          Environmental Comfort

*          Natural Ventilation 80% Clear Open Area

*          Maintenance Free

*          40 year LifeSpan

*          Hurricane Wind proof