Architects & Specifiers

Key Performance Indicators

  • 100% Solar Shading
  • 92% Solar Radiation Absorption
  • 86% Reduction of Solar Heat Gain
  • 80% Free Air Flow Ventilation
  • 68% Reduction in Cooling Loads
  • 50% Noise Reduction
  • Able to Withstand over 100mph Winds
  • Uninterrupted Outward Vision
  • Very Light Weight, Easy To Install
  • 40+ Years Service Life
  • 45% Back Of Room Daylight Transmittance
  • Pest & Insect Screen
  • Privacy & Security
  • Bespoke Shapes & Colours

Appearance & Energy Savings

MicroLouvre™ can be designed to be a defining architectural feature or ‘invisible’ depending on the designer’s objectives, both can be achieved. Look at normal glass in its neutral state when not back lit. This is how MicroLouvre™ looks. MicroLouvre™ can even have an image or logo incorporated in to one side which can appear and disappear depending on the direction of viewing 

The glass has a uniform neutral dark appearance, until the lights are turned on then the building looks like a patchwork. MicroLouvre™ gives a uniform, modern and transforming appearance. MicroLouvre™ can even have an image or any logo incorporated in to one side, which can appear and disappear depending on the direction of viewing.

MicroLouvre was proven, in 2016 to achieve a massive 68% energy savings following tests in a study commissioned by Pacific Gas and Electric at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, to find the most energy efficient sun and heat protection on the market.

The testing proved the overall difference between internal heat blocking devices such as blinds and external sun screening such as MicroLouvre™. Importantly these tests were conducted using the best low-e glass on the market (SHGC 0.27) and MicroLouvre still achieved 68% Energy Saving!

New Buildappearance

Glass is the material which symbolises the very latest high-performance modern architecture. Yet this very vital ingredient is itself a problem when tested against the other responsibilities of modern architecture i.e. the need for energy conservation and sustainability. This, plus the need to maximise space, building rentals, occupant comfort, the retention of natural light, outward visibility, panoramic views, and the well-being of employees, drives building designers and architects. MicroLouvre™ plays an essential role in achieving all these objectives anywhere and everywhere in the world.

Refurbishment and Renovation

Churches, Heritage Buildings, almost any type of building can use MicroLouvre™ because the MicroLouvre™ fabric can be shaped to replicate all types of fenestration and facades, revitalising time-expired building envelopes, providing the latest regulatory compliances for energy conservation, occupant comfort and weather penetration. Building life can be extended and rentals maximised.