For detailed installation info, please visit product data: installation downloads.


Direct Mount

This is the simplest and least expensive method of installing MicroLouvre™. Attachment can be by mechanical fixings or even, due to the light weight and high wind resistance of the screens, by using 3M GripLock VHB ‘Velcro’.

Screens can be simply removed for window cleaning and maintenance. Effective cleaning can still be achieved without removing the screens, with the use of a pressure washer system and the appropriate cleaning detergents.


Sliding Track

This is a popular system for glass facades, windows, or storefront systems. A continuous top and bottom track is installed above and below or on to the window system. Each window section can be mirrored by its own screen maintaining the building appearance.

The screen is attached to the top channel by bearing wheels mounted to the top corners of the screen enabled the screen to slide smoothly. To clean the glass simply slide the screen left or right then back into place and repeat the process. Screens can also be sash style, sliding vertically, so that the MicroLouvre™ screens simply slide up and down.



This is an easy and quick method of installing MicroLouvre™ on individual window openings. Screens can either have fixed or lift on lift off hinges with a simple latch. Hinges can be side or top fixed. Screens can then be opened to access the windows for cleaning.


Further Options

MicroLouvre™ can be installed in almost any way the architect or designer feels would benefit the building. In Middlesex University, for example, a complete MicroLouvre™ façade is installed 1m from the window with students enjoying a walkway in-between windows and MicroLouvre™ installation.

MicroLouvre™ can be suspended by stainless steel cables, stand-off brackets or even hydraulic rams.