Commercial Offices

commercial-officesMicroLouvre™ external solar screens are protecting offices and employees in all types of Commercial Offices worldwide.

From High Rise to High Street Offices and Banks, to Business Parks, Industrial Premises and Airports MicroLouvre™ , dramatically reduce heat gain and air conditioning costs, removing building hot spots to enable a balanced and comfortable environment. This increases productivity amongst building occupants as they are far more content with their surroundings.

Sun and Heat Control Key Performance Indicators

  • 100% Solar Shading
  • 92% Solar Radiation Absorption
  • 86% Reduction of Solar Heat Gain
  • 80% Free Air Flow Ventilation
  • 68% Reduction in Cooling Loads
  • 50% Noise Reduction
  • 45% Back Of Room Daylight Transmittance
  • Able to Withstand over 100mph Winds
  • 40+ Years Service Life
  • Uninterrupted Outward Vision
  • Very Light Weight, Easy to Install
  • Pest & Insect Protection
  • Privacy & Security

With MicroLouvre™’s ability of efficient airflow ventilation, windows can be left open at all times, drastically reducing the need for air-conditioning resulting in a large decrease in energy costs for the building. MicroLouvre™ reduces glare whilst maintaining high light levels, this allows you to stay focused while enjoying the natural daylight, this also reduces lighting costs. 

MicroLouvre™ is very unique in that including all of its other benefits it also allows uninterrupted outward, vision this unlike any other product; therefore not cutting occupants off from the outside world.

MicroLouvre™  also maximises space and rentals by eliminating hot spots and no-go zones where it is just too uncomfortable to work.