It’s bad enough being ill and uncomfortable in healthcare wards, with windows that sometimes cannot be opened at all due to Health and Safety restrictions for insects and noise, but being overheated and stuffy makes everything worse for not only the patients but also the hard working employees of healthcare systems. MicroLouvre™ screens allows you to not only meet these health and safety restrictions but provide a comfortable environment for staff and patients, both increasing productivity of the staff and comfort of the patients.

Installing MicroLouvre™ screens allows you to open windows, allowing in cooling breezes, whilst the hot sun, glare, insects, noise and prying eyes are all kept out. With Retro-fit and New Buildings, MicroLouvre™ creates a cool comfortable interior, that benefits from natural lighting as well as reducing punitive air conditioning Energy Costs.

MicroLouvre™  is a product perfectly suited for Hospitals, Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Clinics.

Sun and Heat Control Key Performance Indicators

  • 100% Solar Shading
  • 92% Solar Radiation Absorption
  • 86% Reduction of Solar Heat Gain
  • 80% Free Air Flow Ventilation
  • 68% Reduction in Cooling Loads
  • 50% Noise Reduction
  • 45% Back Of Room Daylight Transmittance
  • Able to Withstand over 100mph Winds
  • 40+ Years Service Life
  • Uninterrupted Outward Vision
  • Very Light Weight, Easy to Install
  • Pest & Insect Protection
  • Privacy & Security