Smartlouvre® weaves the unique MicroLouvre™ sun and light control metal fabric at its headquarters in the UK, delivering architectural and building performance solutions all over the world.  


The fabric was invented in America in the late 1930’s by two senior research members of Dow Chemical and first manufactured in conjunction with the Borg-Warner Corporation. Primarily as a sun shading system, it was then known as KoolShade®.

A legacy in solar shading and window screening systems, this same paper-thin louvred metal fabric is unique, multi-functional and now, more than ever, a product of our time. It provides a cost-effective solution to the common problem of unwanted solar heat gain and consequentially high energy bills through the need for cooling. With its passive, angle selective, maintenance free technology, MicroLouvre™ supports all today’s energy saving, fire resistant and sustainable building performance requirements and also provides solutions for lighting glare, light pollution issues and lighting design.


MicroLouvre™ is the world’s thinnest louvre mesh. Its light diffusion and manipulation qualities, together with its light weight, and versatility in shape and size, make it the perfect complement for luminaires, light boxes, museum and exhibition lighting and wall-washing products. MicroLouvre™ is also the ideal solution for light pollution problems. 

With our ISO: 9001, 2015 certification for quality management, you can be certain that we are committed to delivering the highest product quality and, in addition, outstanding standards of service. 

Smartlouvre manufactures high quality sustainable louvred metal fabrics for multiple commercial applications. Precise engineering for optimum performance is at the heart of what we do.

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