Save Energy, Improve Efficiency
and Maximise Space with MicroLouvre™ 
Total Sun and Light Control

What is MicroLouvre™?

MicroLouvre™ is a result of decades of extensive and exhaustive international research and development which has made it probably the most efficient modern method of sun & light control. MicroLouvre™ fabric is made from miniature woven metal louvres, barely thicker than a human hair, angled for optimum sun control, glare and light, it is easily and inconspicuously installed externally on buildings, in lighting units, display cabinets and many other applications.

MicroLouvre™ is produced solely in the United Kingdom by Smartlouvre® Technology Limited, who have decades of expertise in the manufacturing, fabricating and installing MicroLouvre™.  Distributed through a global network, MicroLouvre™ can be sourced anywhere on the globe. Smartlouvre is currently looking for new distribution partners

MicroLouvre™ is the most efficient sun & light control solution available on the market. The unique method of stopping the sun from ever reaching the window, by means of miniaturized metal micro-louvres which nevertheless permit almost uninterrupted outward vision, has been used extensively all over the world on every type of building. When installed,  MicroLouvre™ Solar Screens, on a vertical surface, shade 100% of all direct sun above 50° and blocks up to 100% of total solar heat gain, reducing temperatures, eliminating glare and saving energy, whilst maintaining perfect ventilation and outward visibility. MicroLouvre™ is the ideal solution to combat the Greenhouse Effect.

MicroLouvre™, installed in high powered linear and area lighting, allows for effective glare, light spill and light trespass control where other glare prevention methods are unsuitable or unavailable.  MicroLouvre™ is particularly suited for low level or ground installed light grazing. 

Although MicroLouvre™ is corrosion resistant in itself, it is given a polyester powder coat finish for added endurance. MicroLouvre™ is normally coated in low glass black polyester for a durable, light absorbing finish, almost eliminating re-reflected sun and light but is available in a wide range of colours to suit any application.