What is MicroLouvre™?

MicroLouvre™ mesh is made from miniature woven bronze louvres, only two times thicker than a human hair, angled for optimum sun control, glare and light , it is easily and inconspicuously installed externally on buildings, in lighting units, display cabinets and many other applications.

MicroLouvre™ is normally coated in protective black polyester for a durable, light absorbing finish, almost eliminating re-reflected sun and light but is available in a wide range of colours to suit the application. There up to 700 micro louvres, each only 0.33mm thick x 1.27mm wide, in every metre of mesh.

MicroLouvre™ Solar Screens, on a vertical surface, shade 100% of all direct sun above 40° and blocks 86% of the heat, reducing temperatures, eliminating glare and saving energy, whilst maintaining almost perfect ventilation and outward visibility. MicroLouvre™ is the perfect solution to combat the Greenhouse Effect.

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