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About MicroLouvre™

MicroLouvre™ is a fine architectural fabric, woven from commercial bronze wire, with a formed louvre only two times thicker than a human hair. This fabric is then transformed into our unique Solar Screens, which shades 100% of all direct sun above 40° and blocks up to 92% of the heat, reduces temperatures, eliminates glare and drastically increases Energy Savings, whilst maintaining almost perfect ventilation and outward visibility. MicroLouvre™ is the perfect solution to combat the Greenhouse Effect.


There are up to 700 micro louvres, each only 0.3mm thick x 1.2mm wide, in every metre of fabric, normally coated in protective black polyester for a durable, light absorbing finish, almost eliminating re-reflected sun and light. However, MicroLouvre™ is available in a wide range of colours to suit any application.

Why is it Black?

MicroLouvre™ can be produced in any colour, but there are several reasons for having external screens in black (frames can be any colour). Light and the sun’s energy have to be absorbed and not re-reflected into the building. Black acts as a ‘sponge’ absorbing and the energy which is then dissipated externally.

Sun and Heat Control Key Performance Indicators 

  • 100% shading at sun angle greater than 40⁰
  • 92% reduction of solar heat gain
  • 85% solar radiation absorption
  • 80% open area for natural ventilation
  • Improve occupant comfort and efficiency
  • 45% back of room daylight transmittance
  • 68% daily air conditioning load savings possible
  • Health & Safety insect screening


BRE Report


recycle logoMicroLouvre™ is unique, embracing the three R’s of conservation, ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recycle’ and is exclusively manufactured in the UK by Smartlouvre® Technology Ltd, where the environmentally friendly and efficiently recyclable raw copper alloy wires are formed, woven and coated for durability and long life.

WorldSmartlouvre® Technology Ltd supplies MicroLouvre™ throughout the world for a wide variety of applications ranging from one of the most effective and long lasting external sun screens, to making traffic lights and signs visible in strong sun light, to model makers faithfully re-producing VFX models of Hollywood blockbuster movies.