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Hot, stuffy, poorly ventilated classrooms and lecture rooms seriously affect all building occupants, but particularly students and their ability to focus, concentrate, learn and enjoy education.

Solar Shading for Educational Buildings

Hot classrooms and lecture theatres do not make good learning environments. They can lead to lethargy and prevent concentration. It is always important to keep learning spaces at a comfortable temperature. This can be a challenge in summer without the use of air conditioning. Koolshade® offers a solution that will reduce solar gain, allow light in and reduce reliance on air conditioning for schools and educational buildings.

Koolshade® blocks up to 100% solar heat gain and direct glare, enabling windows to be opened with free-flowing air movement. Koolshade® does not cut students off from the outside world instead it gives you an uninterrupted outward vision and allows natural light in to give a more natural environment. Koolshade® also stops insects, noise and heat from entering the classroom. By installing Koolshade® you not only provide a comfortable environment, improving the productivity of both staff and pupils but also meet Health and Safety regulations.

Koolshade® is a very cost-effective way of refurbishing tired school buildings bringing the students’ environment into the 21st Century. With new buildings, Koolshade® creates a cool comfortable day lighted interior as well as reducing punitive air conditioning Energy Costs. Koolshade® is a product perfectly suited for all educational buildings.

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