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With priceless works of art, exhibits and crowds of visitors, Museums and Art Galleries have to work very hard to provide a suitable environment for everything and everybody. Getting the right lighting is critical as is avoiding too much heat gain from large windows and glazed ceilings.

General and controlled lighting for exhibits is critical to safeguarding priceless works of art and optimising the visitors’ experiences. Preventing excess sunlight and heat gain is also critical for many reasons.

Microlouvre® works both inside and outside on many levels. Outside, solar heat gain and glare are reduced allowing air conditioning to be balanced and lowered and damaging glare controlled, providing cool comfortable daylighted interiors.

Inside, Microlouvre® can be used in lighting units to hide light sources whilst directing light onto displays. Microlouvre Koolshade® acts as a directional light filter that allows light to pass through in one direction whilst blocking vision from the other direction. Microlouvre® can be progressively angled to increase or decrease the light filter.

Microlouvre® can be produced in a wide range of colours and finishes to achieve exactly the required active or passive lighting effects.

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