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Detering Birdstrikes

Birds are in danger from highly glazed buildings.

Birds are dying at an alarming rate due to collisions with glazed buildings. The problem is urgent and requires immediate action.

According to estimates, up to a billion birds die from building collisions each year in the United States alone. This is a staggering number that demands attention and action.

It is also A1/A2 fire rated, which is now a legal requirement for many residential buildings.

Why MicroLouvre Koolshade®?

An exceptional range of sustainable green credentials and fire protection

Made in Britain - Delivered Globally

Our fabrics are all made in the UK to reduce shipping emissions.

100% recyclable

MicroLouvre Koolshade® metal fabrics and frames are 100% recyclable and are proven to last over 60 years.

90% recycled

The metal fabrics are made from over 90% recycled scrap copper.

68% HVAC savings

Air conditioning usage can be reduced by more than 68% and equipment halved - When used as Solar Shading.

Reducing Bird Strikes

KoolShade® has been shown to be highly effective at reducing bird strikes on buildings. Buildings with KoolShade® installed had an average reduction in bird collisions of 91%. This is a significant improvement over other solutions such as UV coatings or decals which typically only reduce collisions by around 60-70%.

The importance of reducing bird strikes cannot be overstated. The British Trust for Ornithology estimates that up to 100 million birds are killed each year in the UK alone due to collisions with windows. This is a devastating loss to our natural world and highlights the urgent need for solutions like KoolShade®.

Removing Glare

KoolShade® is a revolutionary solution that not only reduces bird strikes on buildings but also removes glare from artificial light. Glare can be a major issue for birds, as it can disorient them and cause them to collide with windows or other obstacles. By removing this glare, KoolShade® helps to create a safer environment for birds to fly in.

Removing glare is particularly important for urban areas, where there is often a high concentration of artificial light sources. This can make it difficult for birds to navigate and can increase the risk of collisions. With KoolShade®, however, these risks are greatly reduced, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to improve bird safety.

Night Sky Pollution

Artificial light at night can have a significant impact on nocturnal birds, disrupting their natural rhythms and leading to disorientation and exhaustion.

This is particularly true for migratory birds, which rely on the stars to navigate during their long journeys. In addition to disrupting migration patterns, light pollution can also lead to fatal collisions with buildings, as birds are attracted to brightly lit structures. This is especially problematic in urban areas, where artificial lighting is most prevalent.

The British Trust for Ornithology

According to the British Trust for Ornithology, an estimated 100 million birds die each year due to collisions with windows in the UK alone. This is a staggering number that emphasizes the urgency of finding a solution to this problem.

Birds are particularly vulnerable to window collisions during migration season when they are flying at high speeds and can easily mistake reflections for open skies. The British Trust for Ornithology's research shows that buildings with large glass surfaces, such as skyscrapers and office buildings, are particularly dangerous for birds.

Daytime Collisions

During the daytime, birds can be tricked into thinking their flight path is clear due to reflections of their surroundings. This can lead to collisions with glazed buildings and windows. 

Birds have a difficult time distinguishing between reflections and actual open space, which can be fatal for them. KoolShade® can help reduce these collisions by removing glare from artificial light and making it easier for birds to navigate their surroundings.

Nighttime Collisions

Nocturnal birds, including most songbirds, are particularly vulnerable to collisions with lighted windows at night. These birds use the stars and moon for navigation, but artificial light can disrupt their internal compass and lead them off course. 

The impact of these collisions can be devastating, often resulting in injury or death for the bird. In addition, nocturnal birds play a critical role in maintaining ecological balance through pollination and insect control, making their loss even more significant.

An Avoidable Tragedy

Every year, millions of birds die from colliding with windows. It's a tragedy that can be avoided. 

KoolShade® is a solution that can help reduce bird strikes on buildings. By removing glare from artificial light, KoolShade® makes it easier for birds to navigate their surroundings and avoid collisions.

Hurricane proof

MicroLouvre Koolshade® is tried and tested in withstanding Hurricane Force 12 and Category 2 Hurricane winds.

So, whether your building is small or tall, KoolShade® will help avoid birds colliding with buildings. It's simple, highly effective, and simple to install.

How it works

How does MicroLouvre Koolshade® work?

MicroLouvre Koolshade® invisibly neutralises solar heat gain and glare before they even reach the window. MicroLouvre® uniquely works non-stop providing dynamic g-value (heat blocking) performance to continually dissipate the sun’s heat and energy into the atmosphere but not blocking vision out, natural daylight or natural ventilation; solar shading using our products is efficient and effective.

Certified in efficiency and efficacy

Building Research Establishment (BRE) wind tunnel tested MicroLouvre Koolshade® screens from different angles and proved it to be indestructible at winds exceeding 100mph/160 kph/46 metres per second.

The Berkeley Lab included MicroLouvre Koolshade® in a major research project for PG&E. With MicroLouvre Koolshade®, daily cooling loads were reduced by 68% on sunny days when compared with dual pane, high performance solar control glass with an internal blind.

The IFC Group have confirmed MicroLouvre Koolshade® to be A1/A2-s1,d0 : BS EN 13501 Fire Rating, making it one of very few passive and dynamic external sun and solar heat gain blocking systems compliant for use on high rise buildings.

When tested at Fraunhofer, results confirmed MicroLouvre Koolshade® as the most comprehensive solution for Thermal and Visual Comfort in one system.

Smartlouvre® Technology Limited is an ISO: 9001 2015 Accredited Quality Management company.

MicroLouvre Koolshade® has been extensively modelled using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in SimScale.

Test certifications

Download and read all our credentials and certifications from our resource centre.

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