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Solar Shading for Commercial Buildings

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Solar Shading for Residential Buildings

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We should really start at the beginning!

Koolshade® has quite a history. Take a look at this, one of the first Koolshade® brochures from the 1940's.

It was invented in America in the late 1930’s by two senior research members of Dow Chemical and first manufactured in conjunction with the Borg-Warner Corporation. In 1941, the product was introduced to one of the most important 20th century architects Frank Lloyd Wright, who said of the material, “This is more important than even you can realise. Not just windows, but entire walls and sections of buildings could be screened and protected from the sun’s hot rays”.

With the impacts of climate change and our collective drive to live cleaner, more consious and sustainable lives, this product has never been more appropriate.


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