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Microlouvre® Anti-glare, light control metal fabric.

Microlouvre® provides essential glare control by creating directional light diffusion, source concealment and glare control. It is a highly effective light diffusion material for a wide range of applications.

Take a look at the video to see some examples of companies that have used MicroLouvre® in their products to manipulate, conceal and diffuse light.

Product Integration

Standard Linear Uplighter
Thin Linear Uplighter
Standard Linear Uplighter
Light Source Concealment


Hospitals & Healthcare

Keeping patients and staff cool and comfortable.

It’s bad enough being ill and uncomfortable in healthcare wards, with windows that sometimes cannot be opened at all due to Health and Safety restrictions for insects and noise, but being overheated and stuffy makes everything worse.

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Museums & Galleries

Anti-glare, light comfort and directional shading.

With priceless works of art, Museums and Art Galleries have to provide a suitable environment for everything and everybody. Getting the right lighting is critical as is avoiding too much heat gain from large windows and glazed ceilings.

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Hospitality & Catering

Ensuring comfortable entertaining spaces.

Reduce solar gain in restaurants, hotels, pubs and more. Microlouvre Koolshade® allows natural light and airflow while blocking solar gain by up to 100%. Making a much more comfortable setting and reducing air conditioning costs.

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MicroLouvre® provides essential glare control by creating directional light diffusion, source concealment and glare control. It is a highly effective light diffusion material for a wide range of applications.

Why MicroLouvre®?

An exceptional range of sustainable green credentials and fire protection

90% recycled

The metal fabrics are made from over 90% recycled scrap copper.

100% recyclable

MicroLouvre® metal fabrics and frames are 100% recyclable and are proven to last over 60 years.

Made in Britain - Delivered Globally

Our fabrics are all made in the UK to reduce shipping emissions.

MicroLouvre® is an Efficient and Effective Way to Manage Glare and Light Trespass.

MicroLouvre® creates directional light diffusion, source concealment and glare control.

MicroLouvre® is the world’s thinnest and lightest metal louvre fabric. There are up to 700 paper-thin miniature bronze louvres woven into every metre of fabric. The tiny louvres are usually given a standard protective black polyester coating for a durable finish, absorbing and eliminating re-reflected heat, light and glare. They can be any colour, as well as having a matt or highly reflective finish to suit. The standard louvre angles are 17° and 0°. Angles between 17° and 0° can be produced on application.

MicroLouvre® metal fabric is directional which can be used for various lighting purposes, including in: trading floors, museum or exhibition displays, shading traffic lights, and buildings and bridges around the globe. In addition, it is corrosive-resistant so suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

MicroLouvre® is so thin and easy to manipulate, it can easily be integrated or retrofitted into any lighting unit.

Light Spill and Light Trespass Solutions

MicroLouvre® can redirect light onto objects or buildings and concentrate the light source to the intended direction, solving the problem of unwanted light trespass and reducing light spill and glare. With its 80% open area, MicroLouvre® permits optimum light transfer, ensuring high energy efficiency, which is key to any lighting strategy. MicroLouvre® can provide either a symmetrical or asymmetrical light 'kick'.

Concealed Light Source

MicroLouvre® ability to hide the light source from certain angles makes it essential for applications where the light source needs to be concealed at night or where light trespass is a problem.

Directional Light Control

MicroLouvre® paper-thin angled louvres act as a directional lighting filter, allowing light to pass through in one direction whilst reducing the visual impact of the light source from the opposite direction - removing the need for cumbersome lighting hoods.

Anti-glare Lighting

Non-diffused, bright internal lighting creates glare and varying brightness levels in the visual field, leading to visual discomfort for occupants. MicroLouvre® ability to hide the light source whilst maintaining an integrated balance of glare control and high lumen transmission makes it the ideal solution for any high powered light. It is also essential to protect passers-by from unwanted glare from outdoor lighting units.

How it works

How does MicroLouvre Koolshade® work?

MicroLouvre Koolshade® invisibly neutralises solar heat gain and glare before they even reach the window. MicroLouvre® uniquely works non-stop providing dynamic g-value (heat blocking) performance to continually dissipate the sun’s heat and energy into the atmosphere but not blocking vision out, natural daylight or natural ventilation; solar shading using our products is efficient and effective. Our unique material is the perfect solar shading device, it can be installed easily, has excellent environmental credientials and offers a cost effective solution to solar gain.

Certified in efficiency and efficacy

Building Research Establishment (BRE) wind tunnel tested MicroLouvre Koolshade® screens from different angles and proved it to be indestructible at winds exceeding 100mph/160 kph/46 metres per second.

The Berkeley Lab included MicroLouvre Koolshade® in a major research project for PG&E. With MicroLouvre Koolshade®, daily cooling loads were reduced by 68% on sunny days when compared with dual pane, high performance solar control glass with an internal blind.

The IFC Group have confirmed MicroLouvre Koolshade® to be A1/A2-s1,d0 : BS EN 13501 Fire Rating, making it one of very few passive and dynamic external sun and solar heat gain blocking systems compliant for use on high rise buildings.

When tested at Fraunhofer, results confirmed MicroLouvre Koolshade® as the most comprehensive solution for Thermal and Visual Comfort in one system.

Smartlouvre Technology Limited is an ISO: 9001 2015 Accredited Quality Management company.

MicroLouvre Koolshade® has been extensively modelled using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in SimScale.

Test certifications

Download and read all our credentials and certifications from our resource centre.

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Product integration

Victory Boulevard

Our MicroLouvre Koolshade® ultra-thin metal fabric louvres were integrated into the units and permitted optimum light transfer, ensuring high energy efficiency, which is key to any lighting strategy.

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