history-bannerKoolshade was the first miniature louvre system designed and developed some 80 years ago. It enjoyed great success, mainly in the USA, until the late 1980’s when the production facility in Puerto Rico was destroyed by two successive hurricanes.

In the early 2000s production was moved to the UK, the process of regeneration of the product and its rebranding to Smartlouvre® began.

How, with new computer controlled drive systems, weaving and coating is now in full flow in our Havant factory and a completely new and unique Smartlouvre® Technology Ltd, MicroLouvre™ product  is available. We have maintained our original www.koolshade.com website but www.smartlouvre.com and www.MicroLouvre.com are now our main presence.

Smartlouvre® solar shading system for buildings. It is a miniature louvre system woven from bronze wires and configured into a mesh that has been designed to provide maximum outward vision, whilst shading the window and preventing heat gain.

The mesh is a micro-louvre that stops the sun’s rays from getting into the building, but does not block out light and allows excellent outward vision. Being closely woven the micro louvres also keeps out insects, stops direct rain penetration, prevents people looking in and repels hand thrown objects for security.

The micro-louvre fabric consists of louvers 1.27mm wide by just 0.18mm thick, tilted at 17 deg to the horizontal. The louvers are held in place by 2 bronze wires knotted above and below each wire louver blade.

  • The fabric is tensioned within an extruded aluminium frame and mounted externally.
  • Each panel is designed to fit over a particular window and has appropriate fixing arrangements to secure the panel.
  • Koolshade is a static system and once in position can be left unattended and needs very little maintenance.