Retail & Shop-fitting

With Shopping Centres the size of villages, Retail Outlets wanting to promote themselves and fight competition, it is essential that goods are shown in the best possible light. The shopping experience has to be comfortable for the customers throughout the year, and with ever increasing pressure on margins and costs, energy savings are critical.

MicroLouvre™ works inside and outside the Retail and Shop-fitting environments. Whilst allowing products to be viewed easily, those goods on display can too be protected from the sun, and from its glare off large areas of roof glazing that are typical in shopping centres.

Using MicroLouvre™, displays can be highlighted and promoted by uni-directional lighting, which initially looks like a wall but can carry full colour logos which progressively change and become transparent, revealing the display to customers as they walk past.

The same MicroLouvre™ used externally reduces heat gain dramatically, cuts air-conditioning costs and enables better control of the Retail environment.

Sun and Heat Control Key Performance Indicators

  • 100% Solar Shading
  • 92% Solar Radiation Absorption
  • 86% Reduction of Solar Heat Gain
  • 80% Free Air Flow Ventilation
  • 68% Reduction in Cooling Loads
  • 50% Noise Reduction
  • 45% Back Of Room Daylight Transmittance
  • Able to Withstand over 100mph Winds
  • 40+ Years Service LifeShopfitting
  • Uninterrupted Outward Vision
  • Very Light Weight, Easy to Install
  • Pest & Insect Protection
  • Privacy & Security